About Serbian Film in Washington D.C.

The Serbian Film Festival in Washington D.C. is a celebration of Serbian movies in the USA. It was founded in 2024 with the long-term goal of becoming an annual manifestation in the capital of the United States of America that will promote Serbian culture and the seventh art, movies.

This first year, the festival is planned to last for four days, with pre-screening on Thursday, October 17th, and a closing ceremony on Sunday, October 20th. An accompanying program of the festival includes the opening and closing ceremonies, the festival’s award ceremony, as well as two expert panels.

We are actively working on bringing important guests to the festival, film artists who are known to the public, as well as forming an expert jury that will choose the most successful projects in the festival competition.

As for the program part and the film competition for the festival, the festival team is currently working on the final program that will be announced in late August 2024. The festival will host films that have come out of production in the last couple of years, to show fresh and current projects, as well as artists related to those projects personally present at the festival.

Starting with D.C., the Serbian Film Festival plans to expand the festival to other cities across the US, like Atlanta or Miami, and it’s open for collaboration with local Serbian representatives.

Contact us at info@serbfilm.com for more details.

About Orfelin circle:

The Orfelin Circle is a non-profit organization from Washington D.C. that promotes contemporary Serbian art and its presentation in the United States of America. Among many other events, we have organized several Serbian documentary film festivals, and this is the first time we are starting with feature films from large Serbian productions.